Watery Semen: Have you ever been ejaculating quite frequently in the last few weeks and noticed your semen appears to be untidy? Have you ever been panicking over the wake of your sperm? Do not stress. It’s not an issue of becoming so anxious?

Your frequency of ejaculation decides, as a primary cause, the texture of your semen. Usually, sperms take several months to get matured in your testicles. Should you ejaculate more often a day, during sex or masturbation, your testicles may not produce enough sperm to make the semen white and thick.

watery semen

Is it normal?

The depth of semen does not have anything related to your fertility. Moreover, the standard amount of ejaculation for men is approximately 3-4 ml. However, even if it is less than 1.5 ml, it is normal. That means, also if you release a teaspoonful of semen, then it’s okay.

You can father a child in spite of the least amount of semen because many different variables count aside from the consequences of sperm. Moreover, this is good news for masturbators. You don’t lose your capacity to be a dad simply due to frequent ejaculation at any period.

Additionally, men have an impression that the thicker semen is greater. However, that’s not correct. The depth of semen can vary every time you ejaculate. The sperms are small swimmers who can make their way up to the eggs of the feminine.

One more important thing you must understand is that if you notice fluid coming out of the penis while you are aroused sexually; don’t confuse it for semen. Many guys think about the fluid as watery semen. However, it does not contain sperm every time.

What factors contribute to the consistency of the Watery Semen?

  • Among other elements, diet is an important aspect that determines the texture of your semen. You will observe watery semen if you don’t consume the required amount of nutrients that are essential. For example, protein is considered necessary for making semen thicker.

watery semen

  • As stated before, the depth of semen depends on how often you ejaculate. If you ejaculate quite frequently in a day, it doesn’t give enough time into the sperms on your testicles to produce or older. This means you’ll have lesser sperms on your semen and you will see it as a watery liquid.
  • If because of some other reason, for example, testicles being kept at a huge temperature, the sperms are not produced on your body, you might see watery semen coming from your penis. Very tight clothes sometimes raise the temperature of your testicles, especially once you exercise. The minimum count of sperms can also be accountable for semen.

In general, there is not much. Nevertheless, you May Need to seek physician’s advice if You experience pain during ejaculation along with watery semen.

Everything you need to be concerned about?

  • Semen smells typically like chlorine. If you notice any other unpleasant smell aside from average, it may indicate an infection.
  • aside from the smell, should you become aware of odd colors or blood in the semen, there is something to worry about?
  • You need to have a notion concerning the standard volume of semen you ejaculate usually.
  • in the event the amount of semen is too low; then it may also be the result of a medical condition called retrograde ejaculation. This condition makes the semen return into the bladder instead of coming out of the penis. It might occur because of diabetes, prostatic infection, along with other medicines.
  • If you feel dehydrated for a long time, your semen can turn thick. However, it is a temporary condition. You have to worry just once you see that the semen is clumpy also. It happens because the testosterone levels are low. If you notice that this condition does not change for several weeks, you should see the doctor.

watery semen

Keep checking the color of the semen than its consequences

You know that the semen should be white or off-white in color and it ought to turn clear and simmer in half an hour. Any change in its color isn’t a fantastic sign. If the semen is red, there could be some problem in the prostate.

If the semen is either glowing red or brown in color, it may be a consequence of the bursting of a blood vessel in the prostate. In this circumstance, the color should go back to off-white in a few days. However, if it doesn’t occur, it might be the result of disease, trauma or cancer. You have to consult a doctor.

Also, yellow or greenish semen also signals infections. If the color is notable, STDs like gonorrhea might be the cause. You will need to take prescribed antibiotics to cure this infection.