Although most men are blunt in locker room discussions, few guys bring up the topic of their Thick Semen quality. Semen is a mixture of different items, but it’s known for containing sperm. Depending upon your health, the total amount of water that you drink or hormonal issues, the thickness and appearance of your semen can change. If you’re curious about why your watery semen appears to be thicker, then you are not alone. For the most part, it is perfectly reasonable for semen thickness to change, although it can be a sign of a different problem.

Thick Semen

Why Do I Have Thick Semen?

Semen may change in consistency over time. This may depend on how many times you have orgasmed recently, the frequency of sexual intercourse, your physical activity level and what you eat. Other than these factors, the following things may cause a change in the consistency of your semen.

You Might Have an Infection

Your overall health is a significant factor in the way your semen appears. When there are abrupt changes in your semen, then it could be a sign of an illness. Many times, a disease may be signaled by a foul or unusual smell in your semen. Your ejaculatory fluids might seem thicker, or the color could even take on a green or a yellowish hue. If one of these symptoms happen, it is a sign that you may have an illness and should see your doctor for medical care.

You Might Be Dehydrated

It’s entirely possible that you are dehydrated if your semen seems thicker. You might not be drinking enough water in your daily diet, or an excess of soda or coffee can be dehydrating you. Since this is a temporary illness, it is relatively easy to remedy. Drinking more water and preventing diuretics like coffee ought to allow your semen to come back to normal.

Your Hormones Might Be Out of Balance

Thick Semen

It is entirely possible that your thickened semen could be brought on by hormones. When testosterone levels are imbalanced, it can make your semen appear fuller. As it’s not easy to understand if a hormonal imbalance is a reason, you need to see your doctor for help. Your physician can run blood tests to test for hormone balances or infections before supplying you with the proper medical therapy.

What Should Semen Normally Look Like?

Although you are probably knowledgeable about how your semen has looked in years past it could be hard to remember precisely how it’s supposed to appear when you’re suddenly having troubles. Usually, semen is going to have a gray or cloudy white color. When it is healthy, it’s going to have a pudding or jello-like consistency immediately after orgasm. In the next 30 minutes, it will start to appear runny. Traditional semen will smell slightly like chlorine and have a slightly salty, sweet taste.

Enhancing The Level of Your Sperm

Thick Semen

To produce your sperm become normal and healthy, you can use some of this advice.

1. Stay at a Healthy Weight

Whenever you’re out of shape or overweight, it can result in an imbalance in your hormones.

2. Prevent Environmental Toxins

If you can try to block your body from becoming exposed to toxins such as pesticides or lead because these can change your semen.

3. Maintain Cool

If your testicles are kept too warm, it will negatively impact your sperm. For this reason, you may want to prevent wearing excessively tight underwear, avoid hot flashes and skip out on athletic shorts.

4. Lower Your Stress Levels

Thick Semen


Stress levels can alter your hormones and allow you to gain weight. Additionally, it can reduce the frequency or quality of your sex life. To stop this from occurring, attempt to reduce the stress in your life or learn how to manage it better.

5. Prevent Drugs

Unless you want to take medication for a medical condition, avoid them since they can negatively impact your sperm. It’s also advisable to prevent cocaine, heroin or bud for precisely the identical reason. Other than illicit drugs, you might wish to be extra cautious about using medications such as calcium channel blockers, anti-depressants, anti-androgens and other medicines. These medicines can alter the way that your sexual organs function and can lead to temporary infertility. Other treatments like chemotherapy or radiation might even cause permanent sterility.

6. Eat a Nutritious Diet

One of the greatest things which you can do to guarantee decent sperm and semen health is to eat a balanced diet. Eat lots of protein, restrict fat and be sure that you consume a broad selection of vegetables.

7. Don’t Drink Alcohol or Smoke Tobacco

Thick Semen

If you are a smoker or chew tobacco, then it can cause your sperm count to fall. Alcohol will also negatively impact the quality of your sperm, so avoid it whenever possible.

8. Drink Loads of Water

To get a free, easy way to improve the quality of your sperm, drink plenty of water per day. In addition to enhancing your general physical health, drinking water may also help reduce your issue with having chipped, irregular semen.

9. Be Physically Active

Regular physical fitness helps to boost your sex drive, improve your sexual performance and also stimulate the release of testosterone. The extra testosterone can help to increase sperm production and ensures that you remain fit.

10. Get Tested by Your Doctor 

There is always a chance that a change in your semen is caused by a sexually transmitted disease. If you are also experiencing problems urinating, pain, clotted semen, itching or fever, it might be due to an STD. You should be tested frequently anyway, so go right ahead and schedule an STD test just in case.

Consider Getting a Thick Semen Analysis

Thick Semen

If you’re attempting to become pregnant with your spouse, you may always get your doctor do a semen evaluation. This will inform you if you’ve got a good sperm count or if there is an infertility issue. While at the physician’s office, you can always ask your physician about any depth you’ve noticed on your semen or anything other issues.