Why Swollen Ear Lobe appears? How can you handle it? A swollen ear lobe causes distress that extends from crusting and itchiness to tenderness and pain. In this guide, you’ll learn the causes of ear lobes to swell, including infection, cauliflower ear, abscesses and piercings. We’ll also let you know that the perfect way to treat the swelling from your ear lobes.

Swollen Ear Lobe

Swollen ear lobes display tightness, augmentation and distention, because of reasons we will discuss below. This swelling could be on your entire ear lobe, or just on the part of it, like the outer part, the underneath part of the area behind the ear lobe.

Symptoms of Swelling From the Ear Lobe

Swelling of the ear lobe is occasionally accompanied by symptoms such as rash, itchiness, flaking, crusting, warmth, tenderness or discolouration. Your portions might feel lumpy or bumpy, mainly when the swelling is caused by boils, abscesses, pimples or cysts. 

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Cause of Swollen Ear Lobe

There are numerous possible causes of swollen earlobes. Specific symptoms can point to the underlying cause. A number of the common reasons for swelling include:

1. Allergic Reaction

You may have swelling in the ear lobe since you have had an allergic reaction to confront or hair care products or earlobe piercing jewellery. If you wear cheap rings, then they might contain nickel, which can lead to itchy and swollen earlobes.

Swollen Ear Lobe

It’s possible to prevent allergic reactions by only using jewellery made from silver, silver, stainless steel or stone. Allergic reactions to your ear jewellery might be very painful and can cause bleeding and discharge out of the piercing hole.

Remove jewellery which causes a reaction and takes an antihistamine when you have a significant response. Home remedies like ice packs or cold compresses can help, in addition to OTC painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

2. Swelling Within an Ear Lobe Piercing

This is a rather common cause of swollen ear lobes. Right once you have a piercing done, there is usually growing, some redness and pain. It will only last for several days if you take care of the piercing correctly.

To relieve ear lobes which are swollen after piercing, use cold compresses and anti-inflammatory medicines. Speak with your physician if the swelling lasts more than just three or four days, which means you’ll know if you’re creating an illness.

3. Swollen Ear Lobe From Moving One Gauge Upward or Stretching

Stretching an ear lobe piercing can cause temporary swelling and pain, especially if you went up an indicator or have an infected piercing. Either case can lead to depression or tenderness in the ear lobe.

Swollen Ear Lobe

You can tell if it’s more than annoyance from extending. You will find more swelling and redness, and bloated lymph nodes or abnormal discharge. If your infection is severe, speak to your doctor. Mild infection symptoms could be treated with regular care following a piercing.

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4. Infection Resulting In a Swollen Ear Lobe

An infection of the ear, especially after a piercing, may cause ear lobe swelling. This infection can be accompanied by swollen lymph nodes under the ear, pus or discharge, pain and tenderness. Utilise your piercing aftercare tactics or phone your physician to find a prescription for an antibiotic.

5. Insect or Bug Snacks – Swollen, Red and Itchy Ear Lobe

Insect bites from bedbugs or other kinds of bugs may cause your ear lobes to become bloated and potentially itchy. Should you awaken with a swollen ear lobe and it was nice when you went to bed, then this could be due to an insect bite.

Some quick ways to relieve the pain of insect bites include hydrocortisone lotion and OTC antihistamines. If your swelling expands to your face, throat or neck, then this may be a severe reaction. Get in touch with your physician.

6. Ear lobe Boils & Cysts

Another cause of swollen ear lobe is cysts or boils. Cysts are sac-like or closed-capsule structures, usually filled with gaseous, semi-solid or liquid materials, much like blisters, based on medicalnewstoday.com.

Swollen Ear Lobe

Cysts may occur anywhere on your body and often are found in the tissue. They may be caused by chronic inflammatory issues, blocked ducts, broken blood vessels, cell flaws, parasites, tumours, genetic conditions or disease. They are treated with them drained or surgically removed.

Often, they are caused by staph bacteria that can put in your skin via hair follicles or cracked skin (cuts or abrasions).

7. Abscessed Ear Lobe

Abscesses commonly cause a swollen ear lobe. They’re debilitating collections of pus which are often brought about by bacterial infections, based on NHS.uk. They develop as your white blood cells attack some bacteria trying to get into the body. Suspect that your difficulty is an abscess if you have a pus-filled, swollen bulge underneath the surface of the skin, based on NHS.uk.

Abscesses may drain by themselves, then dry and shrink up. But some will need to be removed, and you’ll sometimes need an antibiotic to clean the disease altogether.

8. Cauliflower Ear

Cauliflower ear, also referred to as hematoma auris, is a deformity of the ear caused by a blunt injury or another similar injury. These are the sorts of injuries often seen in boxing or wrestling matches, based on webmd.com. If you don’t take care of this, it may result in preventing normal blood circulation in the ear.

Swollen Ear Lobe

Cauliflower ear may result in a swollen ear lobe, the formation of scar tissue and a deformed look. You are going to need early treatment if you’d like to prevent a blood clot that stops your proper blood circulation to the ear. If your lobe looks very reddish, white or purple, speak to your physician.

9. Acne or Pimples

Pimples can lead to swelling behind your ear lobe, or on or beneath the flap. Zits or blisters are formed when excess oil and dead skin are trapped inside your pores, and they become infected by germs. A blister can affect different areas of the body, too. They may become inflamed, and cause swelling, tenderness and redness.

Severe cases could require prescriptions and possible antibiotics. Try some of the home remedies below, keep up on your hygiene and do not pop pimples.

10. Swollen Ear Lobe – Additional Causes

Other potential causes for swelling of the ear lobe contain:

  • Auricular chondritis – triggers inflammation and swelling of the ear
  • Cartilage
  • Lumps on the ear lobe
  • Rash
  • Surgical procedures like facelifts
  • Blunt trauma to an ear lobe
  • Contact dermatitis

Fixing a Swollen Ear Lobe

While we looked at the various causes of a swollen ear lobe, we advised you of ways each issue can be treated.

  • Bacterial infections are treated with oral or topical antibiotics.
  • Allergies and bug bites are usually managed with antihistamines.
  • Deep pimples and cysts are treated by draining or removing throughout the operation.

For relief from your tenderness, warmth and pain that accompany most swelling in the ear lobe, you may utilise OTC painkillers, cold flashes, ice packs or anti-inflammatory medications.

When Should You See Your Physician?

In case you have swollen ear lobes for over a couple of days, if you are experiencing a severe allergic reaction or you have yellow or greenish discharge after a piercing, you should seek advice from your doctor.