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From their beginning in 2010, Quest Nutrition has grown from only making protein pubs to numerous kinds of protein-focused foods. Quest Nutrition was founded on the assumption of putting out to create protein-loaded foods which help limit the number of sugar individuals is consuming on a regular basis, along with increasing dietary fiber. By today, odds are you’ve tasted a Quest Protein Bar at some point or another, though, maybe you haven’t tried all the flavors. After all, protein bars tend to be slightly expensive. Therefore it can be a little daunting to change characters when you find one that matches all of your requests. Because of this, we have been putting all of Quest’s protein bars to the test.
In this review, we took a peek whatsoever the Quest Protein Bar flavors and broke our favorites. Below, you’ll discover a close look at each bar’s taste, texture, nutrition, price, and the practical advantages and disadvantages of absorbing Quest Protein Bars on a regular basis.

Quest Protein Bar Flavor Review

Birthday Cake:

I’m a big birthday cake fan, so when Quest announced and dropped this bar this past year I was super pumped. The flavor reminds me of something you would receive from a birthday cake flavored ice cream. Each bar was sweet and fulfilled the birthday cake asks very nicely, but did have a minor synthetic-esque flavor, yet it wasn’t off-putting. As a bonus, the texture of the bar has a beautiful frosting that breaks apart with every snack.

Blueberry Muffin:

The blueberry muffin taste was intriguing and in a flavor-filled manner. These bars provide the guarantee of actual pieces from blueberry muffins, which is evident throughout every bar as you bite down on blueberries and small muffin crisps. Every bite was loaded with a blueberry muffin focused flavor, which was excellent since blueberry pastries are often a robust flavor to handle.

Quest Protein Bar
Rocky Road:

Rocky road was potentially my favorite taste of all the Quest Protein Bars we examined. This pub was the ideal mixture of chunky marshmallow and chocolate goodness, along with a feeling which made me feel like I was indulging in a candy bar. This bar did an excellent job at not giving an oily taste to it, which left the feel all that much better.


The Quest S’Mores pub is excellent, do not get me wrong, but it is not a bar that”wows” me. By way of example, the blueberry muffin bar takes you on an exploration of taste, and while the s’mores pub is unquestionably good, it’s just not a heavy batter. In my head, there are two types of s am ores, one you create around a campfire, and also you-you creates in the microwave. This protein bar fell somewhere in the midst of them.

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip:

I might be a bit biased on this bar because oatmeal is one of my absolute favorite foods. If you try to join an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie taste and toss some protein in it, then I am an instant fan. This bar does a superb job at giving you the flavor of the chocolate chips but also keeps the candy taste relatively limited due to the oatmeal-esque texture.

Quest Protein Bar
Apple Pie:

In Quest’s defense, apple pie is a lofty flavor to tackle when you’re trying to minimize sugar content. That factor alone doesn’t make a pub taste great. The apple pie pub is excellent, and that’s the best way to describe it. Does it feel awful? Not at all, but it’s not a bar that I’d buy a box. This protein bar comes with a synthetically sweet taste, and in my opinion, it’s somewhat off-putting when I combine it with a real apple pie taste.

Cinnamon Roll:

Cinnamon roll flavors can go two ways, and that is either very good or very bad. In my view, I like cinnamon flavors in foods in this way since cinnamon can be made sweet without adding extra sugar, so generally, cinnamon flavored protein bars taste reasonably good. The cinnamon roll Quest bar was pretty solid, and I’d compare it to some cinnamon roll that you made in the morning, but are eating in the day (it’s sat out for some time ). All around decent.

Mocha Chocolate Chip:

This protein bar was pretty steady all around, and I have no gripes against it. The mocha flavoring was on stage, and it didn’t ramble that close to being overdone, which I was the fan of. Also, the chocolate chip bits were a nice addition for a modest additional flavoring and texture. If you’re a mecha fan, then this pub should do the trick to scratch your itch.

Vanilla Almond Crunch:

If you asked me to explain this pub in one word, then I would give you an extremely powerful”okay.” Can it be yummy, sure, but it wasn’t a pub that I’d purchase on a chronological arrangement basis. Don’t get me wrong, I like vanilla and vanilla, but for whatever reason, I felt like that pub fell somewhat flat when it came into its chocolate. Then again, I could have a personal bias, since I like vanilla and hold it in high regard because it’s a loftier flavor goal.

Chocolate Brownie:

Oh yeah, this protein bar was high. Envision a chewy brownie, but with a subtle sweetness and chunkier bite, and that is precisely what you get with this protein bar. It did an exceptional job at providing sweetness and giving a texture that I would compare it to some brownie that is a bit more on the side (like you cooked it a little bit too long). If you’re a brownie lover, then I’d recommend checking out this bar.

Quest Protein Bar

Chocolate Peanut Butter:

Out of all of the protein bars, I believe this one surprised me most, rather than in a right way. Among my favorite treats is chocolate with peanut butter on it, so that this bar missed the mark on resembling something close to this, it was a little gloomy. The bar is great. However, I feel like the synthetically sweetened taste overruns it along with the dense fiber, which in my view, docks what usually is a good taste a few points.

Strawberry Cheesecake:

Cheesecake, one of the toughest flavors to tackle in regards to a restricted sugar protein treat. Other manufacturers and pubs have tried to address this flavor, and honestly, I feel like all of them taste similar. These pubs are good, but the cheesecake taste is indeed different in the respect in how this pub delivers its sweet taste in contrast to the actual thing that it turns me off. I know that it’s not real cheesecake, but if you’re going to try, then it should come close.

Cookies & Cream:

This pub is one of my consistent go-to when traveling. If you’re cookies and cream fan, then I think you are going to be a fan of the pub. It’s cookie chunks inside, which provides this chewy bar a nice dense and crisp texture. For those who’ve had cream & cookies brownie sweet snacks, I think you’ll find this bar to very similar.

Quest Bar Nutrition and Ingredients

Regarding nutrition, Quest Protein Bars are relatively consistent throughout the board. For fat, every one the bars ranged from 4.5 g — 10 g, and for carbs 20 grams — 22 grams. The protein has been relatively consistent across the board with 20 grams — 21 g. In respect to fiber, there’s roughly 12 g — 16 g, and for sugar 1 gram — 3 grams.

Quest Protein Bar Ingredients

Quest Protein Bar Ingredients

One thing to notice about Quest Protein Bars is that they’re perhaps not the very”natural” products in the marketplace regarding ingredients. However, they do honestly pretty well. Below, we’ve included the components from the Birthday Cake protein pub.

  • Protein blend (milk protein isolate, whey protein isolate)
  • Soluble corn fiber
  • Water
  • Erythritol
  • Almonds
  • Palm kernel oil
  • Natural tastes.
  • Contains less than 2 percent of the following: Sodium caseinate, sea salt, gum arabic, spirulina extract (color), red cabbage extract (color), turmeric extract (color), radish extract (color), sucralose, sunflower lecithin.

Quest Protein Bar Pros

In my opinion, there are a couple of experts that come along with Quest Protein Bars. First, they have an adequate macro profile and minimal sugar. If you are on-the-go and need a snack which covers 20 grams of protein and keeps your glucose low, then Quest is a good option. Also, they have a higher fiber content, which can be beneficial for satiation.

Secondly, I thought the bars tasted pretty good from an overall point of view. Each bar has an excellent feel to it and added bits of taste, so feel lovers will like these protein bars. The bars do a pretty good job in getting their desirable tastes across, granted, some did fall a bit short.

Third, they travel well and are easy to get to multiple places. One thing Quest does well make their bars available in numerous locations, so if you are out-and-about, then there is a good chance you can find your favorite bar at a fast pit stop.

Quest Protein Bar Cons

The disadvantages that come along with Quest Protein Bars can be somewhat subjective, but one thing that I noticed is they could upset your stomach at times. For some, the higher fiber and sugar alcohol content might cause a little stomach discomfort, but that is going to come down to personal taste.
Also, just like most protein bars (designer foods), they can be a tas expensive occasionally. If you live in a metropolitan area, then you could be requested to pay $4.00 for a single pub, which can be pretty expensive in my opinion.


Concerning cost, Quest Protein Bars are reasonably consistent with what you will find across the board to your standard protein bar. Here I have attached some simple cost ranges for their pubs. Keep in mind; ranges will be different based off of various retail outlets and where you reside.

Quest Protein Bars Price Range (Varies)
Individual Bar $2.50 – $4.00
Quest Protein Bar 4-pack $7.00 – $9.00
Quest Protein Bar 12-pack $20.00 – $25.00

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Wrapping Up

All-in-all, I enjoy Quest Protein Bars as well as the pubs I tried in this review. For the last couple years, these are my go-to when traveling, so it was good putting all (most) of their flavors to the evaluation. If You need a pub with an adequate macro profile and higher fiber content, and then Quest Protein Bars are a fantastic option. Granted, I would pay attention to the way these pubs impact your digestive system to avoid stomach discomfort.
If you are on-the-go and require a massive protein bite quick, then reaching a Quest Protein Bar could be a good choice.


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