Linea Nigra Not Pregnant is considered as the Latin name for”black-line” and this black line is situated on the stomach in girls just between pelvic bone and belly button. It should not be black all of the time, and you should be aware of the facts about linea nigra if you are pregnant or not. That darkened black line comes in the hormone that stimulates melanocytes in a female body.

Linea Nigra Not Pregnant

It is almost a CM in length and goes belly button to the pubic bone in a direct vertical line. Determined by the atoning character of the skin it lies between quite light to the broad dark vertical line. It is not that much regular in a reasonable skin woman or in another woman who gets it in their abdomen, but it is found that the linea nigra starts moving away after their delivery. Thus, this article can help you in every possible way to understand what linea nigra is and exactly what the remedies for this are.

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Reasons For Linea Nigra Not Pregnant

  • The visual appeal of linea nigra in women is due to the rise of melanin percentage. Together with the growth of hormones, there’s an increase of melanin in the body and throughout the pregnancy of a female, there is the growth in estrogen that’s accountable for the Linea nigra darkened line. The growth of melanin may also happen in girls if she is having birth control pills for a long time.
  • Another cause of the growth of melanin in women is called because the Addison’s disease that caused by the adrenal insufficiency or failure.Linea Nigra Not Pregnant This is the primary cause of the appearance of linea nigra in girls abdomen or the darkened spots that arise in the different areas of the human body. In such circumstance, you must want to undergo proper medical guidance and supervision. Do not ignore linea nigra as it may cause many complications in your long run.
  • If someone has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS), it can be considered as the reason for inducing linea nigra as it’s also among the for generating estrogen dominance within the girl’s body also for producing male hormones quickly. You have to need to seek advice from your physician when you’ve linea nigra under standard condition.

Risk Factors of The Linea Nigra Not Pregnant

  • People with darker skin like Asian, Indian and African have to experience linea nigra during their pregnancy or sometimes when they are not even pregnant.
  • Depending on the nature of your skin tone,” If someone subjected her belly to sunlight the more is the chances of appearing darker linea nigra on the stomach.

Is There Any reason to Worry About Linea Nigra?

Linea nigra is only a cosmetic issue and may only appear at the outermost part of your skin. The discoloration occurs. The scenario if you need to worry about linea nigra is only when you get this darkened line being pregnant.

Linea Nigra Not Pregnant

Such condition may arise for some other reason within your body, and as mentioned in the aforementioned you need to seek advice from your physician about Addison’s disease and PCO and soon get treated if something found favorable one of them. But in case you’ve linea nigra by taking birth control pills, then you don’t need to worry about this.

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Just follow the following steps that help you to decrease and face some of the discolorations from linea nigra.

Cocoa Butter: Cocoa butter might not be that much help, but it is easy to find it online and is also very economical in price. You can use the cocoa buttercream in your linea nigra by rubbing it gently over the darkened line few times a day.
Cover It Up: If you have a strategy to expose your belly, just try up a cover type makeup to pay your linea nigra darkened lineup entirely but if you’re outing for a swimming session that you need to reinstall it.
Lemon Juice or Rubbing Alcohol: All these are considered as the natural skin n lighteners and can be implemented lightly over the darkened skin part of the body. But before using it apply it onto a small area of your skin to find the response.
Vitamin E Oil: the very best methods to get the favorable results from it split open a vitamin E capsule and apply it gently to the stretch marks in your body. You might also use the lotion that is vitamin E enriched, but it might not be such powerful.
Healthful Foods: Darkened skin is the result of a deficiency of folic acid, and it can be overcome by eating nutrients that are rich in folic acids like green leafy veggies, oranges, and whole grains.
Reduce Sun Exposure: If you’re exposing to sunrise make certain your stomach is covered up or apply a sunscreen that contains, at least, SPF-15 in it.