The big, famous company Costco manufactures the item Kirkland Sleep Aid. It is part of the full Kirkland range of nutritional supplements and is sold online and in their retail locations at the cost of $10.36 per jar. While this is an inexpensive price, there does not seem to be any form of money back guarantee although all Costco products have a satisfaction guarantee. The Costco site, on the whole, is reasonably informative, and there are some consumer reviews and FAQ section, but the specifics of individual goods is constrained.


Kirkland Sleep Aid Review

The product does not have a specific website committed to itself, but it will have a page through its producer’s — Costco — website. Regrettably, besides noting it’s an antihistamine, there is not any explanation or description regarding how the product functions inside the body.

Even though Costco fabricates the item, it is not available for purchase through their website, and instead can only be purchased through them. That said, it is sold through other internet sellers such as Amazon and eBay. During Amazon, a bottle of 96 capsules comes for $7.22 plus shipping and handling. Users should take the product one at a time about 30 minutes before going to bed.

We would like to examine the source of insomnia briefly so that our readers finally have a better understanding of their situation. Insomnia is frequently brought on by anxiety, a disruption in our natural circadian rhythm (sleep routine), or in less common conditions, sleep apnoea (a breathing difficulty that leads to the inability to sleep). And while it might be ideal to skip sleeping entirely and do more important things, our bodies need sleep to recharge and stay healthier. A fantastic night’s rest leads to brighter mornings using more energy available, higher motivation, and better disposition. Therefore a foreign sleeping aid should relieve sleeplessness while providing us with the support we need for higher energy levels and enhanced mood the next day. We expect that Kirkland can achieve this!

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Kirkland Sleep Aid Ingredients Contained In This Item

  • Doxylamine Succinate 25mg
  • Dicalcium Phosphate
  • FD&C Blue #1 Aluminum Lake
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Microcrystalline Cellulose
  • Sodium Starch Glycolate [2] [3]

Kirkland Sleep Aid — Product Description

Sometimes labeled as Unisom, it is a sleep-inducing substance that is intended to enable the consumer to fall asleep quicker and enjoy more restful, undisturbed sleep. The item is also utilized to deal with* allergies as it’s an antihistamine but is proven to have beneficial effects on mild to severe sleeplessness. There are a whole lot of non-active ingredients in Kirkland Sleep Aid, which aren’t all listed, but the formula isn’t proven to cause harmful side effects. But, it shouldn’t be used by men and women additionally taking antihistamines. 

The simple formula works for every people to support better quality and deeper sleep. But, some individuals have complained that its use of a single ingredient makes it an inferior item. A colleague and I had great experiences with it. Thus we would not mind recommending this product.

Again, this item aims to quicken the time it takes for individuals to fall asleep and to increase sleep quality. It doesn’t claim to boost mood and energy levels in the daytime. Even though you may not believe this might be of importance, please remember that the goal of a having a good night’s rest would be to feel good the next morning. You will find products such as Luminol Luna that plan to better sleep and improve mood, cognitive function, and motivation, all at once! Because there are more and more companies which are including nootropics in their merchandise, we believe that Kirkland’s simple formula is good enough but not quite as competitive. 


The formulation for the item only uses Doxylamine Succinate in its formulation and uses 25 mg in each tablet. The ingredient is not designed to be a sleeping aid but is entirely an antihistamine that is supposed to fight or offer relief from colds or allergies. The main reason it’s used in sleep aids is that of the drowsiness that occurs as a result of its use.

While it is a fact that the product will make you drowsy and probably enable you to get to sleep, it ought to be a concern that it does not seem explicitly formulated to modulate your system to achieve restful sleep on its own. Most of the very best sleep aids available on the market comprise a large number of ingredients which address sleep health from several different angles, such as relieving stress, relaxing muscles, and regulating the internal clock of this consumer.

Having sleep support, getting to sleep is just a portion of this struggle, but staying asleep through the night, and waking up rested and energized are just as important. It appears like Kirkland is only designed to address one facet of good sleep health.

Sometimes counting sheep just doesn’t get the job done. For over-the-counter support for a good night’s sleep, Good Sense’s Sleep Aid Doxylamine could be just what you need to get you over the hurdle and off to Dreamland. The active ingredient, doxylamine, helps calm the brain and lets you forget about all the things going on in your world. Each tablet contains 25 mg of doxylamine succinate.Fall Asleep Fast! Safe. Proven Effective Compare to the Active Ingredient in Unisom Just one Tablet per dose. 96 Tablets in a sealed bottle.

Product Dimensions: 3 x 2 x 5 inches.
Item Weight:  0.8 ounces.

Kirkland Sleep Aid– Advantage

  • Costco Is a Famous firm
  • Kirkland Sleep Aid is very affordable
  • Customer testimonials are supplied
  • The primary active ingredient is known successful
  • There is a satisfaction guarantee

Kirkland Sleep Aid — Drawbacks

  • Product information is restricted
  • No specifics are given for a money back warranty

Kirkland Sleep Aid — The Main Point

Since Kirkland Sleep Aid is indeed cheap, the quantity of active ingredient used in the brand might not be too potent. At most, the item might be useful in the treatment of mild sleep disorders, and anyone seeking aid for acute symptoms should consult a doctor.

Many people have difficulty falling or staying asleep, waking up tired and irritable. Useful all-natural sleep aids can help you go back to a regular sleep schedule resulting in an improvement in your overall health, disposition, and well-being.

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Kirkland Signature Sleeping Pills 192 count. compare to the active ingredient of unisom sleeptabs. Just One Per Dose.

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