Kate Farms Komplete a creamy mix of organic ingredients and organic cocoa. Bringing you everything your body needs, without unwanted ingredients, in a convenient, on-the-go shake. Experience a healthful and Komplete lifetime, with love from the farm to you. Komplete is superior nutrition on-the-go. They’ve lined up the contest to show you down, hands, why they are your go-to option when it comes to meal replacement shakes. Together with 24 fruits & vegetables, a high level of plant-based proteins and 29 superfoods.

Kate Farms Komplete

Based in California, Kate Farms Komplete has an odd narrative behind it. It is named after the founders’ daughter, who had been born with cerebral palsy, and they state they used their self-devised meal replacements to help her get sufficient nutrition and maintain a healthy weight after years of struggling to achieve that.

A couple of decades later Kate Farms Komplete has invented several products, many of which can be employed in clinical settings to help deliver nutrition to patients suffering a variety of ailments. (One for individuals with impaired digestion, for example.)

We chose to try out the Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Shake, which is for anyone and everyone. Here is what’s in it.

Kate Farms Komplete Review

Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Shake Taste
It is available in chocolate, vanilla, and coffee tastes. I grabbed vanilla and also despite the fact there’s no soy in this, it tasted like extra sweet vanilla soy milk or rice milk. Honestly, I found it a little too sweet — I had to sip.

This has a ton of micronutrients, probably has a reasonable number of antioxidants, and contains absolutely no allergens. If you’re searching for nutrition for digestive systems, this is a fantastic source and probably worth the extra price.

The drawbacks are the sweet taste, and if you would like just to consume these shakes, you might need to work out other ways to manage your intake of Omega-3s, choline, and chloride. But I can see these fitting nicely into a well-managed diet.


  • No allergens
  • 26 vitamins and minerals
  • Includes inulin
  • Includes”Superfoods Blend”


  • Antioxidants are not measured
  • Minimum order of 12
  • A little pricey
  • Quite sweet

Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Info

The product comes in small cartons of 325 milliliters and there’s 290 calories: 16 grams of protein, 41 g of carbs (5 g fiber, 18 grams sugar), and 8 grams of fat (1 g saturated). There is no cholesterol, 2% of your daily potassium, and 120 mg of sodium, about 5% of the recommended daily intake.

On a micronutrient basis, there’s 35 percent of the suggested intake of 24 other vitamins and minerals. You will find the big hitters like Vitamin C and calcium in addition to a good deal of other nutrients that occasionally get left off of meal replacements like Vitamin K and vitamin. The only nutrients I don’t see vitamin and choline, but otherwise, it’s a good spread.

Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Shake Ingredients

Most of them would be the minerals and vitamins themselves, but there are a couple of ingredients worth mentioning. The first is that after consuming water, the first two ingredients are organic brown rice syrup and organic agave syrup, so there’s a reasonable amount of sugar.

The protein comes from natural pea and rice protein, the fat stems chiefly from natural high oleic sunflower oil, and some of the fiber stems from inulin, which is a prebiotic fiber which may have digestive wellness advantages.

In each jar, there’s also 100 milligrams of what’s known as a Superfoods Blend that contains concentrates of broccoli sprouts, turmeric, ginger, garlic, peppermint, and a bunch of different herbs and vegetables that you cannot taste whatsoever in the final product.

Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Shake Ingredients
Kate Farms Komplete Meal Replacement Shake Benefits 

The idea with all the Superfoods Blend is that it supplies antioxidants on top of the minerals and vitamins, which is excellent, but they are not measured. Antioxidants may be measured with something such as the ORAC scale, but that is not done using the Komplete Meal Replacement, so it is hard to understand what benefits you’re getting from 0.1 grams of noodle vegetable concentrates.

The micronutrients, however, are truly excellent. Sure, there’s no choline or vitamin but besides this delivers a solid third of the suggested daily consumption of nearly every vitamin and mineral you need, along with roughly 30 percent of your daily protein, 14 percentage of your carbs, and 12 percentage of your fat. While 16 g may not seem like a lot of protein, it’s a stable dose when considering the RDI — which is precisely what this pretty clinical merchandise does.

I would have liked a little more info on Omega-3s. Most of the fat seems to come from sunflower oil, which can be high in Omega-6, also because Omega-3s might help to control inflammation I will observe some customers wanting this information.

Ultimately, it’s worth highlighting that this is made at a sterile facility and there’s zero soy, gluten, milk, or some other allergens at all. This will allow it to be great for folks susceptible to allergies and underscores the usefulness of this product in clinical settings.

Where to Buy Kate Farms Komplete

You need to buy those in packs of 12, that will cost you about $43 or $44. That comes to $3.60 per bottle, which can be pretty pricey. In my experience, the average meal replacement cost about $2 to $2.50, however, this has the Superfoods Blend plus it’s made at a sterile facility, so you could find the price to be well worth it.

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