Here is the comprehensive article about How To Tell If Chicken Is Bad. Most of us like to good meat, but when it turns rotten, then it may cause disaster in our bodies. It may result in acute cases of food poisoning at which you might suffer from nausea, nausea, stomach cramping, fever, and nausea. You’re able to avoid letting the meat go bad by making sure that it isn’t kept at room temperature or higher fever. It should be fresh from the store, and even once you refrigerate it, the beef may only last for about three times. Thus, it’s necessary for us to know when this meat goes bad so we when it is time to throw it off.

How To Tell If Chicken Is Bad

How to Check Whether The Chicken Has Turned Rotten

Raw Chicken

When you buy the raw chicken you should look for the following items:

How To Tell If Chicken Is Bad

  • Date Of Expiration: Check the date of expiration on the raw chicken and see when it is ‘best by’. This date is certified by law and thus is trustworthy. When you buy it, if the date is far away from the date of expiration, it means it has not gone bad as yet.
  • Look At The Color: When the uncooked chicken is pink means, it’s safe to consume. However, when the chicken has any gray coloring, it means that it has turned bad and must be avoided.
  • Smell It: This is the best way to discover if the chicken is awful as it will have an extremely strong odor when it goes off. If it’s fresh, it’s going to have a very mild chicken odor.
  • Touch The Chicken: whenever you purchase raw chicken, be sure to touch the chicken and see whether it maybe not slimy or sticky. If it feels slippery, place it back, and if there’s some sort of mucus oozing out of it, then you should throw it away and do other people favor as well.

Raw chicken has a very limited shelf life and can only be stored for 1-3 days in the refrigerator. Even after you purchase it, you must immediately refrigerate it as well as after you cook it.

Cooked Chicken

How To Tell If Chicken Is Bad

  • The Odor: Generally if cooked poultry goes bad it will also have a distinct odor. It’ll smell like rotten eggs when it has turned bad and ensure that you quickly eliminate it.
  • Glaze The Chicken: You can sweeten the chicken or cut off the outdoors to determine if the inside color is white. When it is white, it implies that’s still great to eat, but if it turns grey means, it’s gone bad.
  • Check For Mold: When there’s some green or black substance on your poultry, make certain that you don’t eat. This is mold and is a certain shot sign your chicken has gone bad.
  • Always Taste: Occasionally the chicken can look refreshing, but if you taste it you will know the facts. Take a little bit and do not swallow initially. If it seems alright then keep eating, otherwise if it tastes funny to throw it away. You can also get a second opinion from the others and ask them to flavor it also.

Cooked chicken can last up to three times in the refrigerator, and it will turn bad. You always have the option to add the freezer to make it last, but it will not taste the same once you thaw it.

Frozen Chicken

How To Tell If Chicken Is Bad

You might believe that because you have frozen the chicken which nothing will occur to it. But often even frozen chicken may turn rotten, and it is important that you smell it first before thawing it. If you still can’t make out if it is bad from the smell, then let it thaw and then check if there’s any type of slimy liquid onto it. This usually means it cannot be used and must be thrown off. Also, check for any discoloration or darkening of the poultry as it is another way to tell if it’s bad.

Precautions You Must Keep in Mind To Avoid From Bad Chicken

Don’t think that you can save it by cooking it again or freezing it. That is because there are many bacteria that form with this rotten chicken and this can cause great damage to the human system. This kind of rotten poultry has to be avoided by young kids, pregnant women, and elderly folks. That is because their immune systems are too weak to deal with these Bacteria and therefore it can cause even more damage to their bodies.

How To Tell If Chicken Is Bad

Thus, remember that if it is store-bought, cooked or frozen chicken, you have to always assess the chicken before eating it. Do not store the chicken out and generally attempt to finish it at least before three days. Even frozen poultry may turn bad so make certain that you observe the aforementioned guidelines to check whether it’s turned rotten. Constantly touch, smell and look at the chicken closely before you eat it or serve it to other people.

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