When it comes to our beauty regimen, our eye makeup can often be the difference between sense only okay and sense our prettiest and How To Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer and there is no lack of merchandise available to improve our peepers… From high pigment eyeshadows, expansion serums, lash extensions, high definition mascaras, and on it goes.

But the question remains, how can you get longer and thicker eyelashes? The options available are as infinite and the manufacturers that exist, promising to do precisely that.

Here we list the best six products that offer thicker and longer eyelashes.

1. How To Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer Starting With Fibre Mascaras

Starting With Fiber Mascaras

A leading seller when they first found, fiber mascaras offer length and thickness like false lashes, but instead of utilizing lash glues, you merely employ a mascara followed closely by a product that is made up of lots of teeny tiny fibers that are applied liberally to add volume.

It often works well as your lashes are coated with the dark fibers which make them look more luscious, however, the drawback is that you can often get a lot of the fibers in and below your eyes.

People generally love or hate these products.

2.How To Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer With Eyelash Serums

The jury is still out on this one as there are scores of products that promise to enhance* and increase your lashes within a matter of months!

Many brands will state your genetics, diet, health and even climate may affect your real lashes and thus the results may vary. That is a likely and predictable disclaimer.

Eye Lash growth serums claim to operate by using active ingredients that fix hair follicles and strengthen and develop rashes.

Popular ingredients include but aren’t limited to vitamins, peptides, lipoic acid, and biotin.

Some manufacturers give the results of independent studies with high success rates of improvement into the participants’ real lashes, while some just declare that the products work… Without the evidence.

The price-point of those promising botanical enhancers also varies, so it pays to do your research. With an ever-growing number of attractiveness bloggers and comparison websites, you’ll surely find some non-bias feedback that will assist you to choose which brand to purchase should you wish to try.

While, however, there are many raving testimonials, some people have responded to the serums with inflammation around the eyes such as swollen lids, redness, itching and watering eyes.

A frequent ingredient in many lash serums is Isopropyl Cloprostenate, that has been associated with dry eyes. A further downside to eyelash serums is that any positive changes you will experience are just endured as you use the product.

Once you stop, say farewell to your luscious, longer lashes. So it might be an expensive way to beautifully frame your beautiful eyes.

3.How To Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer Over False Eyelashes

Finally, a simple and cost-effective way to improve* your real lashes: false lashes are following the list. The kinds of false eyelashes available today are just as long and varied as mascara options, but through the years, the quality has gotten better.

Pick from actual hair including mink, horse or human, which are the most common real hair types; or artificial, that has many added benefits. Artificial is often cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, reusable and lightweight. But choose wisely rather than all synthetic is exactly the same.

If you love a more natural, fluttery appearance, you’re going to want to avoid cheaper lash brands which have thick black bands and plastic appearing lash strands. Rather, keep an eye out for styles that have a clear or very nice black lash group and really fine, dainty strands to get a more comfortable, natural looking yet enhancing* false lash.

The downside with false lashes is often the program. But with a little practice and making certain the lashes are the ideal size for your eyes, you boast fabulous, fluttery lashes without visiting a salon.

False Eyelashes

And, it’s an easy, affordable, at home solution to gorgeous lashes.

However, as with any beauty product, a word of warning, a few lash types of glue contain ingredients such as latex and formaldehyde that are known to cause allergic reactions. So look for options that exclude those ingredients and do a swab test by applying the glue to your hand.

Latex glues may also be quite hard to eliminate* and may harm your real lashes. Thus again, another reason to choose carefully what paste you put near your lashes that are real.

Lastly, for more bang for your dollar, some false eyelashes are reusable and promote several wears making them even better value.

4. How To Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer Instead Eyelash Extensions

The professionals of eyelash extensions are weighed against the cons.

A popular choice for immediate glamour — supplying a natural appearing solution for longer, fuller lashes, eyelash extensions are, nevertheless, among the costlier choices. They need ongoing care and refills which can add up very quickly.

However, with these babies, you can say goodbye to fussing around with mascaras or false lashes to enhance * your eyes. The dreaded downside to lash extensions include, not only the maintenance and price as mentioned, it’s a salon only and timely treatment, but they are able to appear funny as lashes start to fall out as your actual eyelashes grow.

Eyelash Extensions

You can end up with a random lash or two poking in odd directions as they cling on. A more severe negative can be the side effects of the glues used.

If you do not have many lashes to start with, you’re quite honest, or you have sensitive skin and eyes, you may wish to consider one of those additional eyes and lash options prior to opting for this star favorite treatment.

5. How To Make Your Eyelashes Look Longer and Trusted Mascaras

Tried and Trusted Mascaras

Mascaras are just like a pair of jeans when you find one that ‘fits’ stick with it. It can be overwhelming determining which one to try… lengthening, volume, ‘1000 X definition’, ‘3D lash lift’, ‘ ‘plumping and coating’ on and also on the claims proceed!

But for most of us, a lash is the one beauty product we would choose to have with us if we get stranded on an island.

And it’s no wonder because a fantastic mascara might not actually do for us exactly what the advertising copy over guarantees (and under delivers) to do, however, a trusted mascara will certainly add thickness and length. And nowadays, you can choose from organic, cruelty-free, wax-based, water resistant and waterproof… The latter, however, can at times be much more difficult to remove* than a latex eyelash adhesive.

And like false eyelash products, there is a lash to suit any budget, however frequently the cheaper ones could be clumpy and much too thick, so again, read the reviews prior to purchasing.

Nobody eyelash product has all the answers, but using a range of options available, try them out and approach with caution.

By eyeliners, eyeshadows, false lashes — a little eye enhancement may be the fast, affordable and effortless way to make us feel gorgeous and feminine.