Most of us get that urge to suddenly let go and release air from our rectum, in other words, fart then question rises How To Fart On Command? But some are more adept at it than others and can fart when possible. How can it be that these folks need one sign and they can release these gases, and you fight to let even a little one out?

How To Fart On Command

Well do not worry, there are lots of ways that you can learn how to fart on command and release that gas from your body. If you’re attempting to ward off any undesirable people that you can always use this method to fart on control and eliminate them with the noise and smell.

Ways How to Fart on Command

There’s a way you can inhale air with your buttocks and release it if required. You can achieve it in another manner.

How To Fart On Command

First, lie down on a flat surface and raise your legs up in the atmosphere right until your ears if at all possible. They ought to be on either side of your face. Inhale as much air as you can through your butt by releasing the rectum and allowing it to take in a breath.

It may take a while, but once you feel as though your colon is inflating, you can suck in the air and release this fart as loud as possible. You can also sit and inhale air through your buttocks to fart.

Other Ways to Get That Fart Out

If you aren’t able to inhale air through your buttocks or if it’s taking too much time, you can try out some other methods to fart on command. These include:

Gorging on Meals Rich in Fibers

How To Fart On Command

It might not be your favorite type of food. However, a fiber-rich diet like whole grains, undercooked vegetables, and beans can make that gas build within your physique. This is because the bacteria in the stomach that feeds off your meals enjoy fiber-rich foods. They munch away on your diet and then release these beautiful gasses.

Sensitive Food

If you have a sensitive gut and are averse to some kinds of foods such as artificial sweeteners, then you should eat a little the to make these gases. But remember to have them in moderation, or you might wind up with a significant gut bug or food poisoning.

Gulp Down These Colas

How To Fart On Command

Get started on these carbonated beverages like colas, and shortly you will be inflated like a balloon. This increases the carbon dioxide in the body and creates a whole lot of gas on your body and will allow you to release a fart on command.

Force Out it

Yes, that’s right, at times you need to force it out. Apply pressure in your abdominal muscles and construct that fart. Try as hard as possible but be sure that to have defeated or it might not only be gas that comes out.

Get the Right Posture

How To Fart On Command

At times it’s all about the way you do it. Stand with your hips in the neutral position or sit down on a level surface and raise up one ass cheek and allow.


If you need more striking farts to produce the great laughing moment in your friend or family, you should moisturize your anus. This seals the air so that it can’t escape but also allows you to apply more force. Thus it creates a deafening and resounding noise as the anus discharge the fart and reveals itself.

How To Fart On Command

There you go! At this point, you can be the butt of jokes by letting lose that majestic fart and creating the perfect odor and noise in space. Eat food full of fibers, get the right position, drink a lot of carbonated beverages or merely force it out!