Geniux Advanced Brain Formula calls itself the “ultimate smart pill” combining a concoction of organic cognitive enhancing ingredients that will assist you to boost your focus and memory by just carrying it with a glass of water every morning.

You should review the official website for Geniux here, where there are also a number of apparent stats and details about nootropic smart drugs and natural cognitive enhancers and the significant need we have to address when it has to do with psychological power and endurance in addition to cognitive concentration and focus.

Ensure you read our whole Geniux review and have a look at our nootropic buyer’s manual to make sure that you receive the right supplement stack for you.

Geniux Review

Geniux is a nutritional supplement designed to boost* focus and memory. The maker advertises it as a nootropic product with fast-acting ingredients.

Manufacturer Information

The supplement is created by a company called Geniux that seems to share the same name as a portion of the goods. There’s no physical address supplied on the company’s official site.

What Geniux Claims?

Increase* memory arouses in women and men of all ages.
Built to improve* energy levels.
Boost* health and overall well-being.
Boost* motivation and focus.

Science supporting Geniux

This product claims to use twenty ingredients together with nootropic advantages. We find it odd because none of these ingredients was mentioned anywhere on the company’s official site. The maker seems like describing the various components in Geniux, but they neglect to do so. The manufacturer only says that Geniux is blended with 20 unique ingredients that work with the body and brain to produce results. They don’t mention these components. However, the manufacturer claims that Geniux does not comprise piracetam citing the reasons as associated with legal troubles. There’s a point; they say that the supplement contains pollen as one of the active ingredients. We discovered this as a shortcoming only because they have not clarified why powder is used or given evidence of its health benefits. Finally, we don’t understand how this supplement works, and whether or not it works, how does this operate or that active ingredient assist the nutritional supplement to attain effects.

What Makes Geniux Intelligence Pill?

There are two or three components which make Geniux distinctive from other nootropics available on the marketplace. Bee pollen is not generally found in the majority of nootropics, though it has several added benefits. Bee pollen has been used widely in traditional Chinese medicine. The Chinese use it to increase memory function. Bee pollen also supplies fuel to the mind and is a superb energy source, which means it has the capability to fight exhaustion. In addition to all that, bee pollen contains many powerful antioxidant properties inside.

Gingko Biloba is another highly effective ingredient that’s used in this formulation. There’s tons of scientific study that’s been performed on this pure herb. It’s particularly beneficial for enhancing long-term memory. Acacia rigidula is a component that’s a lot less common but nevertheless includes strong advantages. It can provide individuals with motivation, that is quite beneficial for working and studying.

geniux point

Geniux Ingredients

According to the producers, the supplement is manufactured by 20 different all-natural ingredients. However, the record of active ingredients hasn’t yet been mentioned. We presume it includes powerful antioxidants and vital nutrients which create the supplement useful. These two components are essential to the health and operation of the brain. Antioxidants work to remove* free radicals which would otherwise lower memory and cognitive abilities. Essential nutrients work to improve * the mind and body energy.

These are the Primary ingredients in Geniux that offer cognitive advantages:

• Tyrosine — This fixing positively impacts the chemical messengers within the body. Subsequently, it enhances mental concentration.

• GABA — Gaba can stop the evolution of extreme excitement which frequently causes individuals to eliminate attention and concentration. Thus, this ingredient boosts focus and alertness.

If the mind has more blood circulation, it may function much better.

• Alpha GPC — This fixing aids in enhancing neurotransmission. This enhances general cognitive functioning.

• Vinpocetine — Your mind requires adequate energy so as to operate properly. This component provides the mind with ample sugar to boost energy availability.

• Huperzine A — This fixing is intended to boost memory, both long-term and short-term. Additionally, it enriches the learning skills for both the young and older.

Here’s a list of All of the other components (like vitamin and mineral supplements) which are in the formulation:

• Vitamin B6

• Vitamin B12

• Acetyl-L-Carnitine

• Gingko Biloba

• Eleuthero Root

• Gelatin

• Phosphatidylserine Complex

• Glutamine

• DMAE Bitartrate

• Bacopin

• Bee Pollen

• Acacia Rigidula

• Theanine

• Cognizin

• Gluconolactone

All of these are very typical ingredients which are used in the majority of other nootropics and mind supplements. However, the site does not record the specific amounts of each component.

All these ingredients have been analyzed individually and have shown nootropic advantages. Geniux also doesn’t mention the origin of the components. But this looks like a frequent trend within the business.

These components are demonstrated to work and supply cognitive advantages, but no clinical trial outcomes of scientific research are done for its Geniux nutritional supplements.

Benefits of Geniux

Reviews can be found when various goods are arranged.
Appears to contain all natural ingredients.
Producer’s name was provided.
You can order the product securely from the organization’s website.
No clinical trial to confirm the product’s claims.


Geniux Side Effects

Ingredients have not been mentioned. Thus, we do not understand the working process of this formula.
No money back guarantee is given.
Little information is known concerning the Manufacturer.

Geniux Side Effects and Outcomes

As stated by the customer testimonials, this supplement does not have noticeable side effects. We firmly believe this is so because the product is formulated from organic ingredients.

Dosage and Directions for Use

Dosage information isn’t mentioned on the company’s official site. We presume they incorporate it in the package.

How Long Does Your Remedy Require to Reveal The Result?

The maker claims that Geniux can boost* electricity and reveal other results as soon as it’s taken.

Where to Buy and at What Geniux Price?

Geniux can be arranged from the company’s official site. When we visited the official website, the company was giving a 59% off sale.
Below is a breakdown of different prices for this product (Cost May Vary).

The company provides free shipping when multiple products are ordered. You have to pay $6.99 if one bottle is ordered.

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Does This Interact With other Medications?

There is absolutely no information about the possible interactions with other drugs. We advise that you may consult your physician if you are using prescription drugs.

Who can Take Geniux?

The formulation was created for men and women of all ages who are troubled with cognitive and memory decline.

Jack posted on
I am using Geniux for about five months and never got any side effects. It’s become my habit to take this brain booster regularly. It’s similar to my day will never succeed without it. I’m 56 years old and feel as though I’m 25 mentally.

Ralph posted on
I ended up just purchasing one bottle. It is about the way. I am going to test this product and see for myself the results firsthand.

Final Thoughts

The item seems to contain ingredients that work to overcome cognitive and memory decline/loss. The manufacturer says the product is risk-free so there would be no harm if you attempt it.

More than people of all ages are fighting with memory issues. People cannot disconnect from their job, while pupils are under immense pressure to do. Brains are bombarded with information that must be remembered. A quality memory enhancement product should contain clinically proven ingredients which help to enhance not only memory but also focus and night concentration. Memory products should help to optimize overall emotional health and brain function. Most importantly memory merchandise should work safely and gently to promote cognitive function.

Geniux, like lots of other intelligent pills available on the market today, promises that the world but supplies no product-specific evidence to back up its claims. They only reveal research studies of individual ingredients.

The product claims to contain an innovative brain formulation with 20 natural ingredients backed by real scientific studies. But most nootropic nutritional supplements don’t have individual clinical trials, rather, they utilize clinical studies on each ingredient to back its brain-boosting benefits.

If these reasons do bother you, then we recommend purchasing more genuine nootropic supplements like Adium from other manufacturers who will list the full ingredients.

Make sure you report back and let us know your inspection for future searchers concerning ways to get the maximum from life by having your brain function at a high level for quite a while.