Even once you seem to be doing everything right, it’s always possible for things to go wrong during sexual intercourse. You might have been performing oral sex, or he might have pulled out at the wrong moment. In any event, you can wind up in the awkward position where you have cum in eye. If this is a question which you have asked at some point, you are not alone.

Cumm in Eye


Can It Hurt My Health to Have Cum In Eye?

When the cum hits your attention, your initial response may be to panic. You may worry that it could affect your physical health or that it will harm your eye. The most likely result may be a few short pain, swelling or burning. Your primary worry is about what to do to stop sexually transmitted diseases. The liner and tissue of the eye can quickly absorb bacteria or viruses, so it’s quite easy for sexually transmitted infections using this issue–if you have cum in mind, that’s. If you and your partner have already been tested, then there should be nothing to fear over. Considering the awkwardness of the situation, you likely don’t wish to call a physician. If you’re sleeping with somebody new or you are not positive if they have a sexually transmitted disease, you may always get tested by your physician.

Cum in Eye


Stay Calm

Your first response must be to maintain calm. You are not the first person to have this problem, and a lot more people will have the same issue. Do not worry–you aren’t likely to go blind, and it shouldn’t cause any lasting consequences. Stay calm and take your time since you react.

Find Water

Whenever you have any compound or outside liquid on your eye, you may wish to wash your eyes with lukewarm water. This will help wash out some of the semen that is clumping on your eye. By doing this early, it will also stop burning sensations, pain or redness from the beginning.

Remember Not to Irritate Your Eyes

Even though the apparent issue is that you’ve got cum in eye, there are different issues you might want to fret about. If you wear contact lenses, you will want to eliminate them from your eyes and clean them. Employing a contact solution for a couple of nights before you use them can allow you to make sure that the contacts won’t hurt your eyes once you use them.

Remember: Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections Are Possible

Even though there are few cases of sexually transmitted diseases being transmitted through the eyes, this is most likely because cum in the eye happens less often than sex. It’s possible for infections to be sent to your own body through semen as well as your own eyes. You can develop diseases like chlamydia, gonorrhea or similar ailments. These will cause redness, discharge, swelling or itching. You might even notice that your eyes look as if you’ve got pink eye. Should this happen, you can speak to your doctor and get therapy. The health care provider may test your eyes to see what is causing the symptoms before they prescribe medicine. When there is itching, then it’s also wise to have tested since pubic lice can live within your eyelashes. Whenever you have symptoms that continue for more than a couple of hours after you receive cum in your eye, then you should always visit a physician.

Cum in Eye

Prevent It From Happening Again

In case you have cum in eye at this time, it’s too late for prevention. In the future, you will want to figure out ways to keep this from occurring again. Maybe you could begin by teaching your partner how to aim. He could give you a signal before he’s going to come or direct his aim from his eyes. If you know he is about to orgasm; then you could also try turning your mind or shutting your eyes. You might also need to change from giving oral to using your hands right until he orgasms. The primary goal is to keep communicating so that you can move or take evasive action before it occurs.

Although it is not pleasant to address or suffer through, it usually is not a significant medical issue. The one thing you need to worry about is sexually transmitted diseases, which can be less of a problem if you and your partner are monogamous and have been tested.