Maybe you’ve noticed that you’re ejaculating clear semen and you may be thinking about if you’re sick. Or perhaps you are a girl, and you have seen that your husband is generating the same. What’s the cause of semen? Is it a disease? Keep reading to get replies to your query.

There are lots of causes of apparent sperm. Here are a Number of these:

clear semen

As a Sign of Immaturity

This is the most common cause of visible sperm. A boy will go through the first orgasm while elderly 13. This is an indication which testes have seminal fluids along with the reproductive system is beginning to function. But it is hard for the first ejaculation to be as potent as it will be later in life. For the first couple of years, the boy will create clear semen.

Constant ejaculation

Men who masturbate often or are super-active sexually might also create sterile or thin sperm mainly as the afternoon proceeds. Like you might have guessed, this is only but an issue of biology. The body always tries to do its best to meet the supplies required by the surroundings. However, once the rate of ejaculation is higher than the speed at which quality and rich semen are being produced, the man will only create thinner and better semen. Generally, it will take around 5 hours for the body to reconstruct the volume of sperms in addition to semen nutrients after an ejaculation. In case a man ejaculates for 5 or twice in a day or very close series, he is very likely to produce semen which is more explicit.

Low sperm count

In the long run, sperms that are uniformly clear can be an indication of reduced sperm count. This is a result of the fact that the sperm count is just one of the aspects that contribute to the cloudy appearance of semen. The sperm count is considered to be low where the semen of a man doesn’t possess the necessary number of sperms. The official sperm count ranges from 20- 50 million sperm cells for every milliliter. While the clear liquid will also have sperms, the number won’t meet the required threshold especially if it is ejaculated without the typical coagulated consistency. While this may not be regarded as a severe health issue, it can be difficult to impregnate a girl.

If you are worried about low sperm count, you ought to talk to a medical practitioner rather a urologist since they have the experience in the fertility and the male reproductive system. The medical expert can begin by carrying out an analysis of the semen to quantify their energy. The health care professional may recommend that you switch to a diet which is more acidic. You should also abstain from masturbation particularly if you are planning for a baby.

clear semen

Fertility issues

There are many causes of infertility in men. These may consist of hormonal deficiencies, aging, alcohol misuse, smoking and genetic inheritance. In case you find that the semen is always evident for over one month and the few remains not able to imagine, there are chances that the man has infertility. Every month, the chances of a couple who are sexually active to become pregnant are about 25%. Where the couples go for a whole year without obtaining a pregnancy, it’s may be an indication of a problem. If a couple already has a baby but is fighting to get another baby, the condition is known as secondary infertility.

If you’re infertile, it can cause your semen to appear clear. Infertility might be due to a medical condition, hormonal deficiencies, smoking, age, sickness or alcohol consumption. Primarily fertility is if you’ve never been able to conceive a child. Secondary fertility means that you have previously guessed before, but can’t conceive again.

Retrograde Ejaculation

This is the only medical condition that has been recognized to cause semen. Retrograde ejaculation is marked using a situation where instead of sperm exiting properly through the urethra through an orgasm, they put into the bladder. Among the serious symptoms of the condition in men is cloudy urine. This is as a consequence of semen becoming passed through urine resulting in urine that’s slightly tint. Typically, the status won’t require any therapy. Nonetheless, in case it affects fertility, various drugs like ephedrine, brompheniramine, and imipramine could be prescribed.

clear semen


The Cure for Clear Semen

If you have clear semen, then among the first things which you need to do is to modify your diet plan. Foods including foliates and zinc may contribute to healthy sperms. A number of the significant sources of zinc include lean minced beef, dark chicken, and beans. It is recommended that men should eat 12 to 15 milligrams of zinc each day. Other measures that you can use to cure clear semen comprise:

  • Have sex in a safe manner – Reduce the number of sexual partners and prevent having sex often.
  • Reduce anxiety – Stress has various effects on the human body. It can lead to diminished sexual function in addition to hormonal imbalance that can reduce the production of sperms.
  • Quit Smoking – Some studies suggest that smoking affects sperm quality
  • Take less alcohol – Alcohol can decrease both sperm quantity and quality
  • Handle healthy weight – One study showed that men who have a high Body Mass Index might have sperms that are abnormal. The low quality of their seminal fluids may cause clear sperm
  • Exercise well – The testicles have a lower temperature in comparison with the rest of the human body. However, you should avoid cycling as it can cause the passing of the sperms.