Cize Dance Workout is a four-week hip-hop dance exercise program out of Beachbody, a company which’s made home exercise videos for nearly 20 years. This high-performance fitness program makes exercisers feel a bit like expert dancers in a music video. It is led by private trainer Shaun T, who educates impressively choreographed dance routines for cardio endurance, core strengthening, and total-body toning. Continue Reading for a Complete review of Beachbody Cize with Shaun T.

Cize Dance Workout with Shaun T

Who's Shaun T?

Before joining Beachbody, Shaun graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Sports Science, where he was also starred as a track and field athlete.

From a customer standpoint, Shaun T’s fitness programs tend to include primarily positive customer reviews, with common compliments mentioning successful fitness and weight loss results, enjoyability, and efficiency (e.g. a lot of outcomes with brief workouts).

On the other side, common complaints cite failure to experience results (or that they require more than advertised), and also the necessity to focus as much (if not more so) on nutrition than fitness. This does not mean that you’ll experience the same with CIZE Dance Workout; it’s merely worth noting.

Cize Dance Workout Rating

Cize is a Beachbody dance exercise series that teaches hip-hop routines set to songs recorded initially by Ariana Grande, Bruno Mars along with other favorite hip-hop artists. All the movie workouts are led by the star trainer Shaun T (Shaun Thompson), whose formal schooling includes getting a bachelor’s in sports science and a little dance and theater. Shaun T has worked as the backup dancer for Mariah Carey, has been a visitor on favorite TV shows, also has endorsement contracts with Nike and other brands.

Overall this unique home workout series allows you have fun and feel like a pro dancer as you quickly burn off calories and tone all of your major muscle groups.

If you buy the Cize app on DVDs, you’ll also be able to stream Cize videos on the internet. Two workout calendars and up the Eat! The meal plan is contained. Additionally, you’ll receive a bonus DVD with a Shaun T hip hop workout centered on the abdominals. The Cize DVD app set sells for about $75 including shipping and handling.

Another option is to see Cize along with other Beachbody videos on the internet without purchasing the DVDs. You can do so with a subscription to Beachbody On Demand. Their website explains how you can stream the physical fitness videos into your TV.

  • Makes exercise fun. The Cize workout series has a clever tagline: “The End of Exercise.” With this Shaun T signifies exercise no longer feels like a chore; dancing makes it fun.
  • Burns fat and builds strength. Cize dance workout is choreographed to help you burn calories fast from the start. The drills also concentrate on strengthening your arms, legs, and core — so with every exercise your muscles enhance and can burn fat more effectively 24/7.
  • You’ll learn how to dance hip-hop. When getting fit, you will find professionally choreographed dance moves and will improve your rhythm. This could enable you to feel more assured on dancefloors in general.
  • No special equipment needed. Shaun T trainers you for cardio and strength training without any special exercise equipment.
  • Includes two workouts. Pick from two Cize calendars: Beginner and Advanced. The Advanced Calendar includes Shaun T’s favorite Cize workout program. It specifies which exercises to finish every day. The Beginner Calendar helps you move at a slower, more personalized rate.
  • Available on DVD and streamed online. If you purchase Beachbody Cize DVDs, you’ll receive online access to the videos also. You might even get the Cize program as part of a subscription to Beachbody On Demand. Beachbody On Demand lets you stream many workouts in different styles and fitness goal categories.
  • Bonuses. With the purchase of Cize DVDs, you are going to find a bonus workout DVD known as 8 Count Abs workout. Also included with purchase are workout calendars and a meal plan with recipes.
  • Online service. Each purchase of Cize includes access to Team Beachbody, an internet forum for 24/7 service and information from weight loss experts and other Cize fans.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.  For Cize DVDs the refund is available within 30 days of reception. If you select a digital subscription to Beachbody instead, you’re going to get a 14-day trial of Cize and the whole Beachbody On Demand library.

Cize Dance Workout Introduction

Cize is a dance workout video app for the at-home fitness center. The exercise sessions are led by Shaun T, a celebrity personal trainer who also directs the Beachbody Insanity and Hip Hop Abs series and some other video workouts. Coached by Shaun T along with his Cize videos, most men and women focus on mastering their dance moves… not on how much exercise time is remaining.

How Cize Dance Workout Works ?

Cize dance workout videos are offered on DVD and can also be streamed over WiFi for your computer, mobile device or TV. The celebrity personal trainer Shaun T leads audiences through impressive dance routines, carefully breaking down each move for natural learning.

The DVDs are sent with a Beachbody supplements guide called Eat! That provides recipes and explains the way to percentage your daily calorie requirements for the very best fitness outcomes.

Many Cize users get involved in Cize classes on the internet, where they locate fitness tips and get questions answered. People also join in-person “Cize support groups” for additional motivation and to experience the dance exercise videos with friends new and old.

Cize The End Of Exercise 

Cize The End Of Exercise 

Cize is a four-week hip-hop dance exercise program available on DVDs and the internet. The celebrity trainer Shaun T leads all the workouts with a copy from a dance/exercise crew. Most Cize workouts are approximately 35 to 40 minutes long, and each video starts with Shaun instructing a breakdown of dancing workout motions. By the end of a workout, it is possible to match the moves into a seamless dance routine set to a favorite tune.

Achieving your physical fitness goals can appear like a drag. However, CIZE Dance Workout claims to alter things up by allowing you to “dance your way to match” in just four short weeks.
Today, work out videos are around the place. But is there something which separates CIZE Dance Workout in the competition? Will it provide effects? Is it worth the money?

Brought to you by Shaun T, CIZE Dance Workout utilizes professionally choreographed routines–spaced across three DVDs and 30 days–to help you to get a warrior’s body and accomplish your fitness objectives. Shaun asserts that every move for every regular is broke down step by step, to which you can work your way up at your very own pace.

But most of all, CIZE Dance is promised to not just offer cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening, and total muscle building, but also to help anyone eliminate weight while still having fun.

Here are the Primary Cize workout videos with their featured songs as well as the first artists:

Crazy 8s – Hands In the Air (Timbaland)
You Got This – Treasure (Bruno Mars)
Full Out – Lose My Breath (Destiny’s Child)
In the Pocket – Problem (Ariana Grande)
Go For It – Pass That Dutch (Missy Elliott)
Livin’ In the 8s – Chandelier (Sia)

Now you have got a much better idea of what’s contained in the CIZE Dance program.
A bonus workout packaged with the Cize DVD collection is 8-Count Abs, Shaun T’s eight-minute abdominal exercise routine. This video also involves dance exercise. It uses the song Headsprung, which was initially recorded by LL Cool J.

Why Cize Dance Workout ?

So here is the deal. This Cize review would arrange to let you know why I believe Cize is a good thing, and then why I think it sucks. First things first.
During my full commitment with Cize, there’s one thing which immediately became clear — it wasn’t a commitment at all. Unlike other programs that were destined to finish brief, Cize kept me on the schedule without this much effort in the method of showing up. Where other programs felt like torture previously, that the Cize workout became something I had been waiting.
In areas where other workouts require you down, Cize is your right mood pill. Explaining it to someone who has not watched the infomercial, I wouldn’t opt for the word workout — but rather opt-out for a dance routine.
But declaring it is a dancing pattern, it would be selling it short. Contrary to other dancing routines that have Zumba and Hip Hop Abs from Shaun T — you may take a look at this as the sophisticated level of dance workouts. It requires you there much quicker, burning more calories, and not just one move out of the choreography.
Other dancing routines still feel like exercising. With few components integrated here and there, you will always be doing something very similar to jumping jacks and the likes. No more of this with Cize work out.
It’s low impact coaching, which means I never sensed any pain in my knees and joints. Within this context, there’s no need to alter the motions, and you will not feel like missing all of the celebrations by doing something besides what Shaun T is doing.
Cize takes just four weeks. And it’s only one more reason why I like it. Whereas workouts like P90X (3 months) or Piyo (two months) together with it, this makes it easier for you to keep your motivation and attitude right where they’re supposed to be. Cize provides two options- two calendars to follow- and below I will explain how you go about deciding which one to pursue and the way they operate sensibly. Funny to reflect upon the previous month this manner, but the very first time I pushed the play button, my toes decided not to cooperate. And here is the thing- watching the movies before getting on your shoes will cause you to believe that there’s no way that you’ll be as coordinated as the bunch on screen, however alone in less than a month. However, before a week goes by you will be correlated than ever that is why I think Shaun T is a great instructor. He makes it naïve looking and simple.
Cocky people like myself would appreciate another trick in their arsenal when showing off — and this offers you another arsenal in whole.
When people ask on this website whether some app works, they forget to provide context. The same goes for the Cize dancing exercise. A number of my friends have asked me whether Cize works.
Watch, Cize will do some things for you, but not others. Personally, I went down 12 pounds despite being thin to start with. All in 4 weeks of getting fun.
It works for toning your whole body, particularly your thighs, butt, calves, and abs… My hamstrings seem chiseled now as if I was going to the gym. Much like my belly — not this flat, not this strong.
I don’t do bikini pics, but here’s the way my legs look today (see that rainbow? That’s only me being happy about my thighs)
It functions for burning calories, is your thing. On an average session, you say goodbye to 400 of these (there is a hint below on how to reach 700).
It functions with coordination, agility, and flexibility. Also the extended range of motion and a great deal of control over your entire body. Talking with a few people who understand what’s what in fitness, I came to learn that this is a result of dynamic versus non-dynamic movements in sequence, all kept within rhythm. That is also what keeps you moving without experiencing fatigue on the way.


Why Not? Cize Dance Workout

Here is what I have been instructed before writing this review — regardless of how this exercise appeals to me, there is always something which may be done better. My job was to locate, equally as far as I am on the lookout for the shiny apple, the rotten one as well. Easy.
It isn’t created for everybody, also caters only to a couple of fitness objectives.
So for example, you can undoubtedly do Cize before the cows come home, and you also won’t pack some muscle. For better or for worse, the Cize workout cannot bulk you even a little.
And this is due to some factors.
The workouts lean towards cardio, while not using any resistance. The period of the program is four months that disrupts muscle growth given the seriousness. Fine for me anyway, but others might disagree.
Every review that’s been printed on this site puts a significant focus on intensity, and to what degree a work out will take you closer to fulfilling your ancestors. I for one fully embrace the headline — the comfort zone is my favorite zone.
Here is the issue… If you feel unproductive following a workout session which still lets you stand on your feet, forget the Cize workout. Yes, you’ll sweat a lot and experience some battle, but nothing close to what additional exercises are putting you through.
Cize, as a result of this rhythm and carefully chosen moves, will force you to lose a great deal of fat tissue, but without squeezing your energy to the last fall. It will, in fact, leave you refreshed.
When people ask when to do their workouts, whether that be morning or night, there is normally one answer — following your main work of the day, for otherwise, you will be unable to keep up your head; or not prior to going to bed for you will fight to sleep a few hours beforehand.
Cize doesn’t share this problem — it is possible to workout with Cize if you like since it does not leave you drained of energy, but in fact makes you more relaxed and focused. Again, rhythm is to blame, as well as coordination boosting moves that enhance cognitive capacity.
One feature that might annoy you is the length of workouts. If you are the type of person who wants to get it done in under half an hour, then the extra minutes on the clock will not make you happy.
The workouts, all six of these, differ in length.
The deal with additional time on the clock is you rarely notice when it flies. The rhythm, the dynamic moves, the music, Shaun T giving instructions with no stop… All this combines into a flow that causes you to forget what time it’s, and ultimately lose yourself in the enjoyment of this moment.
On a related note, we’ve just launched a workout program that’s cheaper, totally free and customizable to try out.

Will Cize Dance Workout Truly Give You a “Dancer’s Body?”

This is dependent upon your current physical fitness level. But, keep in mind that an expert dancer’s body has been formed over the years (or perhaps years) of practicing, eating correctly, and always working out.

If this is the first time you have exercised in years, and you are anticipating this kind of body in just four weeks, then you’re bound to wind up disappointed. On the other hand, if you’ve been exercising and eating right for a little while and need to “cut,” then CIZE Dance’s high-impact routines may do the trick.

In any case, among the greatest barriers to attaining fitness results is often boredom, also CIZE’s fun variable may help you stick with it. It even *gasp* might help you enjoy working out.

Remember though that gym is a highly personalized process, so what works nicely for someone else might not work for you. So make sure to research all your fitness and weight loss options here on HighYa before making your choice!

Additional Tips For Cize Dance Workout

The very first thing is that you have to focus on when doing Cize is controlling each movement while Shaun T clinics in slow motion. This isn’t so hard to start with, but here’s a suggestion that will make it simpler in case you struggle- invariably center on the movement of the feet first. Learn the sequence there, which can be more straightforward than I can describe, and then concentrate on the entire campaign. If not more.

Remember how I said that it is possible to burn off 700 calories each session? Here’s the blueprint, explained by Slavko, somebody that understands what he is referring to…
When performing the motions try to tighten your heart and the rest of the human body too. Do not just transfer your arms through the atmosphere but flex them also.

The next point is to pay attention to is the range of motion. Extend up to as possible, and never make your moves shorter, regardless of the tempo. Here is the next thing that you want to do. So first is tighten, then stretch and retract completely, and finally make it a dynamic move — that means accelerating the movements making them appear more powerful.
This suggestion will include more resistance, and burn much more calories, taking this training to the next level. We are talking 700 and beyond — that is equally as far as an average calisthenics workout or a gym session. However, do this only once you’ve mastered the moves. Otherwise, it will mess up with your coordination.
Do not get worried about the fact that both of your toes chose to be left. Bear in mind that while you’re stumbling your toes and attempting to grab, you are working out and burning calories.

After the first month, you will know that the moves by heart, and will not desire Shaun T anymore (sorry pal). To begin with, it is possible to skip the DVD-bring-your-laptop-along thing that’s kind of bothersome. But what’s more, you can make a compilation of tunes, your playlist, and just dancing for 30 minutes straight. You won’t have to learn the moves each time, which means more calories burned off in fewer minutes. Occasionally I play the DVDs for exercising correct form, but the majority of the times once I want to have an enjoyable workout today, I’m merely playing one of my two playlists, and dance the entire sequences from top to bottom.

Diet Plan For Cize Dance Workout

Diet Plan For Cize Dance Workout

The guide titled Eat-UP! Is the diet component of Cize. All Beachbody workouts come together using a nutrition blueprint, and while some are confusing (such as the one in 21 Day Repair), Cize is a straight-up list of Dos and Cann’s together with ingredients and a few recipes.
Plus it does not have to be more complicated than that.
The deluxe kit includes the part management system out of 21 Day Repair (another Beachbody workout), and if you’re ready to try a fresh approach to diet, then this will probably suit you nicely. If not though, and you wish to keep it simple, stick with the first guide.
In all of the reviews printed on this site, there are hundreds of comments inquiring whether the diet ought to be followed to the letter. Not- it’s merely there to serve as a listing of healthy diet principles which you can incorporate. It’s true, you can follow it religiously if you are better off that way (enjoy advice), but you can merely have a look and keep on your own. Both alternatives work.

Cize Dance ]Where to Buy

Beachbody sells the Cize DVD set for just under $75. The first payment is $32.90, which comprises $19.95 since the first payment plus $12.95 for shipping. If you choose to keep the Cize program, then you’ll be charged another $19.95 thirty days after and sixty days afterward. The purchase includes online access to the app; you can stream Cize videos to your computer, mobile device or TV.

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Alternatively, it’s possible to skip the DVDs and get an internet subscription to Beachbody. Beachbody On Demand lets you stream Cize and hundreds of other exercise videos (and cooking videos) anytime. A sixth-month subscription to Beachbody on-demand prices less than the whole Cize exercise program.


Writing this review has been more fun than that though. And I can say the same to do the Cize work out. It was uplifting and affected my mood in a way I can’t start to describe.
What’s more important though is that I am quite satisfied with the results, after losing 12 lbs and seeing my body transform. My abs are marginally showing, and my stomach is much more horizontal than ever. What I love is how it tightened my legs, especially thighs and upper abdomen. My arms and shoulders seem slightly more defined as well.
I have continued to dance, around two times every week, and it’s now officially my chill pill.

Cizing this up I will say for those of you reading this far, and it is my hope that this review answered all your questions, also made you confident in your decision to purchase or discount Cize. In my term means anything I would certainly encourage you to choose this app and have more fun than you have ever had while working out and burning calories. This is the workout that you don’t want to do but want to do. That is a huge difference.

Shaun T and Cize are famous for good reasons. A significant part of success with at-home fitness centers is liking the instructor and feeling inspired… therefore Cize is a recipe for success by combining Shaun’s training, choreography skills and personality with energizing and favorite music. We also enjoy how Beachbody provides two different Cize workout calendars (Beginner and Advanced).

One potential drawback is that Cize workouts are all high-intensity. Another potential drawback is price every day. If you make home exercise a habit, then, in the long run, it might be cheaper to sign up for streaming fitness videos by Beachbody on-demand or a similar company.